OxyGo Fit Carry Bag w/Pockets - Black

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Upgraded: G4 Carry Bag in Black Cordura Canvas
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Oxygo Fit Carry Bag

Carrying your Oxygo Fit and all of your "stuff" is possible with our new Oxygo Fit carry bag. 

Easy to carry, comes with a padded, adjustable strap that can be worn on the shoulder or, across the chest as a crossbody. 

Features two drawstring side pockets.  The drawstring prevents belongings from falling outside of the pockets. These pockets can hold an extra battery (or two), both standard and double batteries fit in the bag.

The zippered bottom feature allows you to easily swap out your battery without taking your unit out of the bag. 

You can charge your battery while still in the bag with the front charging hole.

Carry your wallet in the side pocket or carry credit cards, etc. 

Comes in black and tan and makes carrying your Oxygo Fit easy! Our bags/backpacks never have a logo anywhere on the bag so you can carry your oxygen in style. 


Without pockets: 6.5" 

Left pocket: 3.5" when full 

Right pocket: 3" 

top to bottom: 7.5"

width: 2.5"

Will only fit the Oxygo Fit, will not fit the Oxygo or Oxygo Next.

All hardware is silver toned, not plastic

Grab one today! 

 Cleaning: Easily spot clean this carry bag with a warm towel or sponge & soap. Can also be hand washed and hung dry 

The Oxygo Fit carry bags do not have a front zippered pocket, what you see is the essential mesh necessary for venting your unit. 




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