Oxygen Swivel Tubing Connector

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Oxygen Swivel Tubing Connector helps solve the tangled oxygen tubes. As people undergoing oxygen therapy move around, the oxygen tubing has a tendency of becoming tangled. Tangles and twists in the tubing has the potential to hinder the flow of oxygen. One contributing factor to tubing becoming tangles is the tubing can become twisted and torqued. With the swivel tubing connector, tension that causes twisting of the tubing can be prevented by moving with the tubing and preventing it from twisting. This product features an in-line component that is used to attach tubing to increase its length. Because of its construction, the oxygen connector confers a swivel action between tubing, which, in turn, enables increased patient mobility. The swivel action of this oxygen tubing connector makes it a very useful accessory for supplemental oxygen therapy patients who tend to move frequently during their sleep. Those who prefer to sleep on their sides would also benefit from the wider range of motion using this connector provides.

  • Swivel helps to prevent tubing tangles
  • Oxygen Swivel Tubing Connector connects oxygen tubing.
  • This is for (1) swivel tubing connector, tubing is not included
  • * Non-returnable or exchangeable**

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