You're ready to buy one of our Inogen One bags for your Inogen One G2, G3 units. You want a bag with pockets, that will hold all of your "stuff" on a day to day basis. You want something cute & practical. 

This is what the Inogen One bags will do: 

Q: I'm not sure if I have an Inogen One G2 or G3 unit?

A: Lets look at the size & the shape of your unit. The Inogen One G3 has 4 vents on the outside & is small. Here is a picture: 

The Inogen G2 is slightly larger: 


Q: I'm looking for an Inogen One G3, not an Inogen G3. 

A: They are the same thing, same units, same bags. 

Q: Where are your bags made?

A: Handcrafted in the U.S.A. in the state of Michigan. 

Q: How many pockets come on the Inogen One G3 bag?

A: (3) pockets, two pockets on both sides, one large pocket on the back of the bag

Q: Will I have room for my keys, wallet, glasses? What about my inhaler & other items I carry in my purse?

A: Yes, you have room for all of those items & more. This will replace your handbag & your Inogen One G3 black bag. 

Q: I'm on a limited income, can I get a payment plan for the Inogen One purses or backpacks?

A: Of course, we can work out a payment arrangement on a monthly basis, call or email us for information. 




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