Frequently Asked Questions:

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What oxygen tanks or portable oxygen concentrators will fit your totes?

• M-4 tanks, M-6 tanks, M-9 tanks, C-tanks will fit most of our tote bags & backpacks (see our product page) We currently only sell the Inogen one G2 & G3 POC's but, will be expanding our line in a few short months

Does the cylinder oxygen tote fit over my shoulder?

• Yes, all of our oxygen totes will fit over your shoulders, some totes have adjustable straps and can fit over your shoulder with a winter coat

What material are o2totes made out of?

• Our totes are made of designer fabric and are of the highest quality. Embroidery is machine stitched and will never fade, tear or rip.

Explain the inside of an o2tote cylinder bag?

• Every bag has a separate compartment for your oxygen & personal items. Looking at the front of the bag, the bottom of your bag will un-zip, you will find 4 velcro straps, these will be used to secure your oxygen. The cannula comes out of the small end of the zippered bottom. There is a piece of cell foam at the bottom of the tote that keeps the tote from moving around when placed on a table, etc.

The top of the tote is also zippered, this is where you place your keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. there is also a pocket for items such as your wrench for the oxygen. There is a clear lining in the middle that seperates the oxygen from your personal items, you can also see how much oxygen you have left through the clear lining.

Every tote is different, we have many different designs.

Will my oxygen tank and my regulator fit in the tote?

• Yes, all of our totes are made to accommodate regulators & conserving devices

What are the sizes of the totes?

All O2TOTES are different sizes, please check underneath the bag description for sizes

Please check the measurements of your oxygen tank to make sure it will fit, or call us at 800-334-3270.

How do you ship your bags?

The majority of our bags ship USPS Priority mail or USPS priority mail international. This is to save you the customer money on shipping costs. Your tote will be shipped within 48 hours and will arrive to your destination in 3-4 days. 

Return policy:

We will gladly accept your return within 15 days of purchase for defects and/or manufacturer errors. We will not return bags that have been used for longer than a few hours & have any sort of stain, or other misuse on the bag being returned. 

Please ship back to:


400 Maple Park Blvd. suite 402 Saint Clair Shores, MI 48081

*We are not responsible for shipping charges both to and from your destination. If you decide to return an item, please note we will refund the purchase price of your tote minus the shipping charges*

*O2TOTES is not responsible for the misuse of our bags, including, not following instructions on how to use the bag, placing oxygen in the wrong part of the bag, misuse in any way of placing your medical device in the bag*